Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taking things for granted

This is the fact of life...Though it is true and always has that man is at their lost due to their own action. Where everyday life are taken lightly not according to its right and worthiness. The biggest dilemma of mankind is TIME, the moment we starts to realize the importance of it, we found time has depleted, we're exhausted, our energy ran low, our youthfulness consumed and our dreams wipe out at our very own eyes, we're helpless... as time passes by tick.. tock.. tick.. tock.. the sound of metallic tapping of an old clock... or to our worst toot.. toot.. toot.. in pulses sounds of our own heart beat weakening.. This is the time when nothing else matters except our own self juggling with faith do we still have TIME?... indeed its supersede everything in the WHOLE WORLD...
We'll realized there then that we're not even half the strength of what we were a day, a month, 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years back... though it is very true that's time isn't about MONEY nor GOLD... it can't be traded neither no man possess the strength to bend time nor either reverse, jump nor stop the ticking.
Death is very real and sure it will come, no one can defy it nor escape from it, every living things will die according to their own right term and what had been in their fate.

... cause TIME IS LIFE!!!

Let's live our life fully from this very second till the ticking and tooting ends.

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