Monday, June 21, 2010

Going Places

This is my 3rd day of blogging, newbee I'm, but learning fast. This Blog will be growing in paces in its own step, a new page called "Going Places" has been introduce (you may access it by clicking on the link given on the top right of this page).
This is my tribute to all the places that I've been and living throughout my life. Providing me with an opportunity to gather as much information of what have left due to ageing and forgetfullness..though my younger generation that's follows would knows... We are a nation of travellers.. sailing cross the world with our Great Pinisi, the Admiral the King of the sea, the Malay ethnic of Bugis.
The Bugis has long commanded the malay archipelago sea with peace and tranquility where spices, tea and coffee were offered instead of been sneak.

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