Sunday, June 20, 2010

Melayu Bugis Literally means..

Eeemmm.... what's the hack is this melayu bugis blog is aa...? Let's us check its meaning literally, without bothering much of its content would soon to reflect.. Ya may thought that you know what does it mean.. I do thought the same too initially in word singularly but not when these are combined things changed literally...

Melayu in English means Malays is a race of people who live in most part of the south east asia covering Thailand, Combodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore.

Bugis is an ethnic Malay from the Malay race, who live in the southern part of Sulawesi or Celebes, present time is Indonesian's 3rd largest island.

Melayu Bugis literally represents the Malay of Johore (southern state of Malaysia covering Singapore prior to the colonization by the west), Minangkabau (Malay Ethnic living in centre and southern part of Sumatera, Indonesia ) and Patani (Malay Ethnic living in now Southern Thailand) who fleeing to South Sulawesi during the big flood. These nomads eventually gave birth to offspring that play a role in the Kingdoms of South Sulawesi, Riau (present time Indonesia) and Malay Peninsular (Malaysia of today).
Out of 9 Sultans from 13 states under the Federation of Malaysia, 4 states are having their Sultan from the descendant of Prince of Bugis.

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