Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's different World Out There

Where time seem to freeze, beauties concluded breaking all senses repleting and awakening. Reborn and converted again, feels good from these great bounties... beautifully just there untouch pure and clean... likes the only man alive on earth in a heaven of our own. The air atmosphere clean and pure, winds full and bouncy, ground green and earthly, scented clean, pure .. looks above blue sky skirtingly high, clouds made of crystals white silky afloat just there everywhere.
I stood still with an empty mind, find myself incapacitated and hypnotized, telling to myself I was here before merely it in a different place far away. Just how could I've ever forgotten how wonderful it is?
This is our mother nature, this is a place that shouldn't be forgotten.. a place where I want to be.. it remembering me of our own existence... where I could senses the real meaning of LIFE and feels ALIVE...

WELCOME HOME HERE'S THE REAL WORLD... the forgotten world

The Grand Canyon of South Africa, taken after a night visit to Kruger National Park.

Sunset in Uluwatu Bali, Indonesia in the southern tip of the island. Pura Luhur by the cliff top.

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