Going Places

This page is dedicated to my life journey, places that I've been and living.

My home land Malaysia, Scotland when I was pursuing my degree, travelled to England, Brunei, Singapore, Germany, The Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Russia, Thailand, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirate, Oman, Nepal and Bahrain 

Kuwait in 2007

Kuwait Tower from a distance shot

Me with friends in an elevator to the observation deck...
The tower from an angle up right from ground zero, centre of 3 towers..

Russia in 2005

I arrived in Russia in early April with a calendar season about to spring, a week later on my 2nd sunday the city of Belgorod celebrated a farewell to winter, it was snowing heavily. Local performer bid farewell to winter dancing and singing on top of the frozen lake.

2 weeks later snow continue to fall day and night average temperature -10 degree C. 3 local ladies were seen by the road site waiting for their daily commuter. This shot was taken along my way from the City of Kursk to the battle field of the World Great Tank Battle of Kursk.
City of Belgorod

There's also a Kris (Malay traditional dagger) displayed in the Belgorod Muzeum. Dated in the year of 1963 during then the 1st President of Indonesia Sukarno visited Russia most probably here in Belgorod. Look carefully a shadow of the publisher visible by the glass wall.

City of Kursk 

Picture of the Battle of Kursk taken in a muzeum in Kursk.