Saturday, June 26, 2010


Having good, better and superior mindset is essential to ascertain success in life. This is the key reason that's distinguish a person to another, between a successful, a loser and the average day people. A positive mindset with good characteristic mental attitude would determines how a person interpret and respond to situations. Combined this with fantabulous expectation of confident and fulfillment, will guarantee one with good prospect of success.

These are the traits of the top, yet successful and excellent person has in common, a MINDSET for Success, a positive attitude as one of the most integral parts of life. A trait is a distinguishing feature of one personal nature that's attribute to his/her personality.
Losers lay blame, make excuses and are in denial, these are 3 major fatal traits that will ultimately lead to a person destroying their own lives. While winners take responsibility and be accountable for their action, they frequently assess for their thoughts, actions and habits and ask oneself was that action, thought and habit are of a WINNER or a LOSER?

In life all of us has aspired to be winners but in many ways we actually act like losers. The key to being a winner is acting like, playing like and thinking like a winner, you can't just aspire to be a winner while acting like a loser. Positive attitude it changes everything, completely, and this is the way forward...

study steadfastly, work smart, pray attentively and come to the rescue of the umma

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