Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it Worth it?

What if it isn't worth it? This is an oddity, a question that's abide on every decision... morally it is unjustified to address such question when it leads to one denial for other worth materialistically.

What's destine is for the fate to decide, after all we are ordain to make choices in life that's best derive from reasons, observation and experiences and some may follows their feeling, senses and their own intuitive rational. The resultant that yield to the end the finale from a decision to action is the desire for success. 

This is the beauty of it.. we don't need to bother how's it going to end.. cause we're not the divine maker The God Almighty, we're only human act upon things that involves and evolves surround us throughout the process to accomplish it closer to our hope and desire...

Marked this words what nature gives nature takes, indeed to receive is to give, in truth starts giving for success... it is worth it, because destiny is by fate... and nature works miraculously with a good heart with faith in it... starts believing you're a step closer and worth more than the whole world entirely.

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