Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Big Step Ahead

To own a Website and/or Blog has been in my mind since I was first introduce with the idea by an office colleague years ago. Since that day 13 years ago today only that this 1st Blog of mine were born. I'm writing my very few article since I left school, what a waste uh.... should only should I've the mean to realize this effort much earlier I bet that my life should have been so much different from where I'm now.
Let's see how far this Blog will goes from this simple article posting on this very day on its creation 19th June 2010. May God The Almighty gives strength and courage with wisdom and all of its blessing and guidance that this would be the One Big Step Ahead of my life and family from today's on wards, insyaALLAH Ameen.

Khairul Azhar Ramli

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